What do you call the lover of…?


The lover of…

Ever wondered what is the correct terminology for a lover of something? Well, here is a great list to advocate you with your vocabulary. Read thoroughly and make sure to use them whenever and wherever possible to ensure this knowledge stays with you for a long period of time.

Lover of… Terminology
books Bibliophile
children Paedophile
animals Zoophile
trees Dendrophile
hands Cheirophile
feet Podophile
horses Hippophile
knowledge Bibliologist
words Philologist
nomadic life Nomads
vegetables Vegetarian
meat Carnivore
human flesh Cannibal
grandeur Megalomaniac
war Warmonger
peace Pacifist
democracy Democrat
dictatorship Dictator
mobocracy Mobocrat
one’s country Patriot
good food Gourmet
good taste in art, Painting Connoisseur
travelling round the world Globe-trotter
God and religion Theist
alcoholic drink Drunkard
society Sociable
money Mercenary
sports and games Sports fan,
mankind Humanitarian,
material things Materialist
self Narcissist

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