The Power of Persistence


Have you been trying for too long now? Does all your hardwork seem futile? Are you wondering if it’s time you should just give up?

If yes, then before making a decision, do read the post till the end. You may find a reason or atleast the motivation to not give up.

Don't Lose Hope

When something goes wrong,
Which they will once in a while,
When the road only seems to be full of obstacles,
When money is less and loans are more,
When you crave to see a smile on your face,
When the stress is killing you,
Then go rest for a while,
But do not lose hope.

This life is a maze,
The obstacles which we have to cross,
Many unsuccessful ones took a U-turn,
But the ones who stayed found the way.
Even if the speed is slow,
You'll end up reaching the goal.

Success, itself, is hidden in unsuccess,
Like a silver lining in a cloudy sky.
You may wonder if you can cover the distance,
But try taking those baby steps,
You'll be close to your goal before you know it.

Keep trying what you already started,
Finish what you once began.
No matter how hard it gets,
The power of persistence can never go wrong.

The ones who keep trying regardless of how good or bad the situation may be, are the ones who succeed. Even people with talent may fail to succeed in life if they stopped constant and continuous hardwork. But the ones who believe in persistence will reach a good height even without an in-born talent. Also being educated does not necessarily mean you have a good judgement too and that you will always be successful. But that’s a topic for later. For now the baseline is education and talent give people a headstart but it’s the he, who realizes the power of persistance, that reaches the end of the maze and the beginning of success.

Reaching your goal is tougher than ever with the ever increasing competition and it takes all the will and efforts of a person to travel the distance he’d like to cover. The path would be full of every imaginable obstacle out there but the ones who win in the end are those who have the power to overcome those barriers and come back with a will stronger and more dedicated than earlier.

Persistence is a decision. With this decision, a person swears to complete the task ahead of him. But at a point, every person reaches a dead end where everything screams for him to give up. It’s during this time when we must have a control over our feelings rather than it being vice-versa. We must know how to not give in to the pessimistic self and how to feed the anemic optimism left inside us.

All of this you can learn if you believe in the power of persistance. Come what may, do not let your belief waver.

You started the task, dreaming of the end result. Now complete the task by feeling what you felt that made you begin in the first place.

Good luck to you and we hope you find a reason to continue.



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