Secret to solving Quantitative Aptitude in the fastest way!


What’s the secret to solving Quantitative Aptitude in the fastest way? Well it’s knowing your algebraic identities well and recognizing when to use them in the question!!

Quantitative Aptitude is quite an important topic when it comes to exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, IBPS, RAILWAYS, etc. and knowing these identities can help you zoom through this section in a fast and efficient manner.

This post contains a list of some important algebraic identities that you might have come across in your school life but may or may not have paid much attention towards.

It is easy to learn these identities but it’s tough to apply it in a given question under time pressure. Your main focus should not only be to memorize them but practice as many questions in order to perfect the ability of recognizing the questions that require this knowledge.

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Here’s a list of those algebraic identities. Read them carefully and go through some of the example questions given at the end, that requires this knowledge.

Important Algebraic Identities:

Algebraic Identities
important algebraic identities

Example Questions:

1. If a+b+1=0 then what is the value of(a3+b3+1-3ab) ?

Solution: ∵a+b+c=0 ⇒ a3+b3+c3-3abc=0,
here c=1.



3. If x+ y3 = 35 and x + y = 5, then value of (1/x + 1/y) is?






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