35 weird phobias worth knowing!


35 weird phobias worth knowing!

Phobia:¬†A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent and excessive fear of an object or situation. Here’s a list of 35 popular phobias asked about in competitive exams.

Term Meaning
Acrophobia Fear of high places
Agorophobia Fear of large, open spaces
Anglophobia Fear of Britain
Astrophobia Fear of lightning, thunder and storm
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Chirophobia Fear of hands
Claustrophobia Fear of small, narrow or enclosed place
Ergophobia Fear of work
Demophobia Fear of crowds
Dendrophobia Fear of trees
Francophobia Fear of France
Gynephobia Fear of women
Hemophobia/ Hematophobia/ Hemeratophobia Fear of the sight of blood
Hydrophobia Fear of water
Lalophobia Fear of speaking
Mysophobia Fear of germs or contamination
Nyctophobia Fear of darkness
Ochlophobia Fear of crowds
Panophobia Fear of everything in general
Photophobia Fear of strong light
Podophobia Fear of feet
Pedophobia Fear of children
Hippophobia Fear of horses
Peccatophobia Fear of sinning or having sinned
Pathophobia Fear of suffering or disease
Phonophobia Fear of speaking aloud
Pyrophobia Fear of fire
Russophobia Fear of Russians
Sitophobia Fear of food
Syphilophobia Fear of syphilis
Thanatophobia Fear of death
Toxophobia Fear of being poisoned
Trichophobia Fear of hair
Xenophobia Fear of strangers
Zoophobia Fear of animals



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